Natalie Merchant Benefit Concert. March 10, 2012

Shale gas hydrofracking is perhaps the most perfect technology ever invented to poison our land, air, and water. The Finger Lakes CleanWaters Initiative is dedicated to protecting and improving the quality of the precious and still largely clean waters of New York State. Because water rises as vapor into the air, falls as rain and snow, and flows both on and below the Earth’s surface, we see ourselves as stewards of the planet at large. Our focus is event-based education, and we harness the considerable power of live music presentation to illuminate and educate the public at large about the importance of clean water and a healthy environment.

“Hydrofracking poses the greatest threat to clean drinking water in New York and Pennsylvania right now. Our opposition to this threat is imperative. I hope people can come to the concert to show their concern.”                                                                                                        –Natalie Merchant

“Fracking is wrong. Fracking is unmitigatable. Sooner or later, steel and concrete disintegrates. Sooner or later, gas wells open portals of contamination between drinking water aquifers and the toxic materials held in the bedrock below. Doing fracking “right” simply means building time bombs with longer fuses. There are no places in New York and no children in New York that we are willing to sacrifice.”                                                                                    –Sandra Steingraber, Ph.D., Biologist

“Hydrofracking for shale gas is a failed technology with respect Nature. You cannot frack safely.” –Chris Tate, BME

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